Grave City: Savannah by Night

The story thus far...

In brief:

Our Heroes awoke after 20-30 years in torpor.

We found ourselves in the basement of a hospital, strapped into some sort of medical machinery. We were immediately attacked by some sort of chitinous rage monster which we dispatched.

Over the next few weeks we acclimated to 2012, founded a haven, defended the haven, took over a gang’s territory and staked their leader, lost the haven, founded a new one.

We explored sites with similar medical equipment to the one we woke up at located at a disused lighthouse and derelict asylum. Both had a mix of sane and monstrous vampires.

We located a tree that appears to serve as a nexus between this world and another, as well as a focal point for some very dark spirits eager to come across. We learned that actually touching the devil tree is not recommended.

We have made overtures to several factions of vampires within the city, as well as continuing our investigation into what happened to us, and what the experiments we were test subjects in were intended to accomplish.

We discovered some sort of highly potent blood and after debating for about 10 minutes, we all took a sip.

In conjunction with the local less-homicidal werewolves, we put down the (apparent) leader of the more-homicidal werewolves.



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