We know virtually nothing of the werewolf factions in and around Savannah. The contact we have had with this faction seems to indicate that they are not immediately homicidal toward vampires.

Current status: Informal treaty – we have negotiated a live and let live arrangement with the (presumed) faction leader Wartooth. We will help him with his evil werewolf problems in exchange for information and assistance with our evil vampire problems.


Notable figures:

Wartooth – Reasonable as far as werewolves go. Negotiated in apparent good faith and has responded rationally to stimuli so far.

Favor – Werewolf we rescued from Holocaust.

Leverage: We have already helped to rid the city of one major threat to Wartooth’s faction. Assuming we can both abide by the treaty and keep our respective people in line there’s no reason we can’t come to an understanding.


Grave City: Savannah by Night Gabriel_Luna