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Devil Tree

The Haunt – Nightclub, considered neutral ground by the city’s Kindred, run by Mordecai


Velvet Elvis – Nightclub, controlled by the Dragons

The Pulse

Eternal Rest Mortuary

Colonial Park Cemetery – central graveyard near downtown, in the Dragon’s territory

Gallery Espresso -


Rico’s Boys – Gang of street toughs comprised of young vampires, ghouls and mortal thugs. Hopefully currently leaderless: Rico was defeated and staked but the body later disappeared.

Dragons – Most likely the organization of Ordo Dracul in Savannah. Publicly appears to be a biker gang, with some fingers in the local community. Led by Lily, while day to day operations are handled by Dominic

The Strangers – no information on this group aside from the theory that they live beneath the city

Madame Midnight – Leader of a necromantic cult true to their “old ways”

Madame Black – Leader of an offshoot of Madame Midnight’s cult more concerned with hedonism than the occult

Rouj Matat – Offshoot of Madame Midnight’s group hungry for power and territory. Gang employs many ghouls, opposed to any perceived “imperialist” control in the city

The Brood – satanic gang of vampires

Baelhounds – Evil werewolf faction currently inhabiting the Isle of Hope aka Wormsloe Island

Forsaken – Live and let live werewolf faction, currently led by Wartooth

Myre Foundation – Rare books and antiques


Werner’s Three

Savannah City History – Secret history of the city, timeline of important events and people

Doctor Tholt – Everything we know about this lunatic

PC Holdings

Haven – Currently a lovely mansion and grounds, convenient to shopping and downtown

The Pulse – Elysium, an art gallery in the Dragon’s territory



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